About Us

Image editing by applying image filters has been existing from the early days of graphic software were introduced. These softawares helped designers to manipulate various characteristics of an image including contrast, brightness, gamma, saturation etc.

These editing methods improved the look & feel of the image and designers were able to adjust the images they use according to their preference that fit into each design. Today with the invent of various mobile apps not only the designers but the regular users also wish to enhance their images by using no. of filter techniques before they are shared online. Although there are many premium softare for this purpose most of them are not available for free. Either you have to purchase them or have to have a subscription on monthly or yearly basis to use them.

This is where the developers at Grafycal decided to lend a hand to everyone who do not wish to purcahse expensive graphic software. Our intention was to make an online graphic application that is free for all and available at any time of the day. This online tool Grafycal is the result of that.

Although Grafycal is free it fullfills the most necessary image filtering tasks that premium software provides. The best part is you can use our service as long as you wish without becoming a member or providing your personel information.

So . . . enjoy our free application.